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We improve human health by applying the science of machine learning to develop algorithms to detect disease and monitor progression.


What we do

Fibronostics is a healthcare technology company providing algorithm-based solutions in a variety of diagnostic testing areas, focusing on liver disease detection and monitoring.


Our Unique Liver Diagnostics Tests

The non-invasive solution for liver health evaluations 

Liver Screen testing
Learn more about LiverFASt Select, the breaktrhough system to monitor your liver health.

Designed for Health-Conscious Individuals

LiverFASt™ Screen is the most basic of the family of tests and one that is designed specifically to be easily administered - based on a questionnaire of basic patient information such as BMI, age, gender, etc - while maintaining strong performance.

It is easily administered in real time to individuals, taking less than one minute with results being available on a screen and via e-mailed PDF in a matter of seconds.

LiverFASt Instant testing

An Enhanced Risk Score At Your Fingertips

LiverFASt™ Instant provides the same ease of use as LiverFASt Screen, but with the addition of a finger prick blood test. By adding the biomarkers of triglycerides, Glucose and definitive HDL/LDL, one can derive additional accuracy and patient insight.

The results of this test can help you make better decisions regarding your liver and general health

LiverFASt Select

Customize your liver test to your patient’s needs

LiverFASt™ Select adds the flexibility of customizable biomarker inputs, allowing for a precise test matched to clinical or economic considerations.

This is achieved by adding optional biomarkers such as Bilirubin, ALT, AST and GGT, by which the results generated are enhanced in accuracy.

LiverFASt Complete

Unparalleled convenience and accuracy

LiverFASt™ the most accurate of the Family of tests - delivers comprehensive results utilizing multiple biomarkers and inputs. Algorithms include the serum concentrations of 10 biomarkers, adjusted to age, gender and BMI, thereby providing definitive insight into a patients’ liver health and status (Metavir scale) of fibrotic activity, inflammatory response, and level of Steatosis.

Administration is with a standard blood draw, which is sent to a lab. Biomarker data is then put into the LiverFAST™ portal for generating results, which are saved within your custom, password-protected account.

Discover Your Liver Score Now

Liver disease, if detected early enough, can be treated and reversed.The key is for you to know and take action.
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