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Fibronostics webinar

A new innovative wet marker for liver

Speakers: Dr. Stephen A. Harrison

10 February 2021

Fibronostics webinar

Liver biopsies versus Non-invasive Tests (NITs), what does the future hold? What are NITs? What are the different types of NITs? What do specific biomarkers indicate? What are the limitations of liver biopsies? Will there be a new ‘gold standard’?
Watch this Fatty Liver Alliance series on Non-invasive Liver Tests.

Speakers: Dr Imtiaz Alam
Dr Mona Munteanu
Michael Betel

1 April 2022​

Fibronostics webinar

Non-invasive Testing for Liver Fibrosis allows Early Identification of Patients at Risk for Developing HCC.

Dr. Mona Munteanu talks about HCC Surveillance in the Era of Non-Invasive Testing

Speakers: Dr Mona Munteanu

21 Augist 2020 ​