Is Riding A Bike Good for My Health?

Learning how to ride a bike is probably one of the fondest memories of anyone's childhood. Transitioning from training wheels to just a regular bicycle is a big step in anyone's life. But did you know all of those fond memories of bike riding were actually giving you something other than fun times? Riding a bike can also give you great health benefits!

How is cycling healthy?

According to Harvard Health, going for a bike ride is good for your heart, muscles, and can help to improve your balance, how you walk, and how you climb stairs. Other ways cycling is good for your health include:

  • Aerobic exercise. Exercise, or physical activity in general, is extremely important for good health. Physical activity can help to maintain your body weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, and much more. Aerobic exercise is a good exercise for your heart, brain, and blood vessels. It also is known for triggering the release of endorphins which make you feel great!
  • Bone health. Pedaling on a bicycle help to increase bone density. When pushing the pedals, you are pulling on muscles which are then pulling on the bones, helping to increase bone density.
  • Joint exercise. Some exercises can be too intense for your joints. Cycling is actually easy on the joints because you are sitting and not putting all of your weight on you joints like you would when walking or running.
  • Better mood. As mentioned above, cycling triggers a release of endorphins, which are a “feel-good” chemical. A study from the YMCA revealed that people who were physically active and doing activities like cycling had a wellbeing score that was 32% higher thank individuals who weren’t active.
  • Heart disease. A study by the University of Glasgow showed that cycling cut the risk of heart disease and cancer in half! It is one of many ways that is recommended to help cut the risk of developing illnesses.
  • Diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is becoming a major health problem. Research in Finland showed that people who cycled for more than 30 minutes a day had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes.

Adding cycling to your daily routine

Including cycling into your every day routine is easy. Instead of driving, ride a bike to work, school, shopping, etc. If the distance is too great for a bicycle ride, then take out a set amount of time each week to take a short bike ride around your neighborhood.

Just a few minutes of cycling can make a major difference in your health. It is also something that is fun and low-impact that the entire family can enjoy! Riding a bike is just one way to keep you and your family healthy. But it isn’t the only way! Knowing your health can be a major tool in living a healthy lifestyle. Understanding how healthy your body is can give you the knowledge that you need to make better decisions for your health.

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