Is Being A Workaholic Bad For Your Health?

Whether you feel compelled to work long hours or you just enjoy what you do so much that you find yourself working overtime, you've probably heard the term "workaholic" once or twice (or maybe more). But did you know that it being a workaholic can actually impact your health?

What is a workaholic?

According to the American Psychological Association, the definition if the term "workaholic" has been debated over the past few decades. Over the year’s researchers have defined workaholism as:

  • An addiction to work (Ng, Sorensen & Feldman, 2007; Porter, 2006; Robinson, 2000)
  • A pathology (Fassel, 1990)
  • A behavior pattern that persists across multiple organizational settings (Scott, Moore & Miceli, 1997)
  • A syndrome comprised of high drive, high work involvement and low work enjoyment (Aziz & Zickar, 2006)
  • And the compulsion or the uncontrollable need to work incessantly (Oates, 1971)

Though each researcher had different definitions of the term, the overall idea was similar; a workaholic was someone who worked beyond what is reasonably expected of a worker regardless of the possible negative outcome of such dedication.

Is it bad to be a workaholic?

There is nothing wrong with dedicating your time to work and appreciating hard work, but it is important to recognize when that dedication has crossed the line of work loyalty into something that can be dangerous to your mental and physical health as well as your personal life.

Research has shown that workaholism has negative consequences, impacting mental health, physical well-being, family and relationship satisfaction, emotional health, and more. In fact, it has also been associated with poor sleep quality, weight gain, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and higher divorce rates.

Is there a solution to workaholism?

For some people, focusing on work is just a way of life, it is something they truly enjoy doing and science has revealed that there is a way to be a "healthy workaholic."

Researchers found that even if someone was considered a workaholic they could be healthy physically and mentally as long as they were mindful of their health at work, recharged once they got home by getting good sleep and rest, and made time for things other than work outside of the office. Overall, being at a job that makes you happy and knowing when to turn the work switch off can allow you to keep the title of "workaholic" if that is something you want.

If you do enjoy being a workaholic or just can't help yourself where it concerns goin

g above and beyond at your job, don't forget that your health should be your first concern and it is completely possible to be healthy while working. Understanding your health and how your body is functioning can help you make the beat decisions for a healthy, happy life.

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