How Fitness and Exercise Can Change Your Life

When most people think of exercise or fitness, they typically think about hitting the gym and “getting buff.” But fitness and exercise are more than just having a nice set of abs and being able to run a 6-minute mile, they mean having good health physically, mentally, and even emotionally.


Exercise, or physical activity in general, has a wide range of benefits and is important for a healthy body. According to the American Liver Foundation, regular exercise and physical activity can decrease the impact of illness and chronic diseases in adults like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Staying physically active can also help improve balance, flexibility, mobility, and improve bone health. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight, which is important in maintaining the overall health of your body.


Fitness and exercise are not just good for you physically, but can also be beneficial to your mind. Various research studies have found that exercise can help with depression by blocking negative thoughts and providing distractions from daily stressors.

Increased fitness can also lift your mood and help to improve your sleep patterns, providing you with a healthier night’s sleep. These studies have also found that exercise changes the levels of chemicals like endorphins and stress hormones in your brain.

How to increase fitness and exercise

Being physically fit and exercising doesn’t always mean you have to go to the gym. Exercise can be done at home and making simple life changes can help you to contribute towards increasing physical activity. A few ways to help increase physical activity include:

  • Ride a bike or walk instead of driving
  • Try new workout style like exercise classes
  • Explore the outdoors
  • Dance more
  • Skip the escalator or elevator and take the stairs

Fitness and exercise can give you more energy, better sleep, better moods, and a better state of mind. Staying active and fit can lead you towards living a healthy and happy life and so can understanding your health.

At Fibronostics our passion for non-invasive digital diagnostics drives us towards creating solutions that allow you to monitor risk and detect disease, with the goal of eventually forgoing the traditional biopsies and scans currently common practice.

That’s why we developed the LiverFASt™ family of tests for monitoring risk and detecting disease in your liver – the largest organ in your body connected to many common health risks. Allow us to help you understand the health of your liver so that you can stay ahead of the silent killer of Liver Disease and live a happy, healthy life!

Contact us via email, or by phone at 1-888-552-1603 today to learn more about our LiverFASt™ family of diagnostic tests. 


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