Chocolate and Your Health: Is it Good or Bad?

Who doesn't love a sweet, decadent piece of chocolate every now and then? While you might try to steer clear of this delicious treat, you're be surprised at how it may help you rather than harm you!

Chocolate health benefits

Chocolate, more specifically dark chocolate, has many health benefits that people are unfamiliar with. Here are a few health benefits of dark chocolate:

  • It’s nutritious. Dark chocolate that is high in cocoa content contains a favorable amount of fiber and is packed with minerals.
  • Filled with antioxidants. It is filled with antioxidants like polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins. A study showed that dark chocolate actually had more antioxidant activity than fruits like blueberries and acai berries.
  • Can lower blood pressure. The flavanols in dark chocolate can stimulate the lining of the arteries to help produce nitric oxide which aids in lowering the resistance to blood flow and reduces blood pressure.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate two or more times a week lowered the risk of calcified plaque in arteries by 32 percent and found cocoa to reduce the risk of death from heart disease by 50 percent!

Chocolate and health

In previous studies, dark chocolate has been labeled a “superfood” because of the antioxidant properties. These antioxidants reduce the blood pressure in the liver and reduces the damage to blood vessels from scarring in the liver. Researchers have even suggested that dark chocolate can minimize the onset of end stage liver disease.

If it is eaten in moderation, dark chocolate has a plethora of health benefits and can help patients who suffer from liver and heart disease. It is important to remember that, though it has its benefits, eating it in large quantities can negate the benefits because it still contains sugar and large quantities of sugar is not good for your health.

Indulging in dark chocolate may not be as bad for you as you originally thought, so you may want to consider incorporating it into your diet every once-in-a-while to take advantage of its health benefits.

Want to do more for your liver and your health? Besides enjoying a little chocolate, understanding your liver health can also help you stay healthy by giving you the knowledge you need to make better health choices.

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