Can Your Game Day Party Be Bad For Your Health?

So, you are about a month into the New Year, your resolutions of staying healthy is still fresh in your mind and then the SuperBowl™ rolls around. While we all love a good celebration with a few beers and hot wings, those football celebrations may do you more harm than good!

Here are a few facts you should know:

  • SuperBowl™ Sunday is the 2nd largest U.S. food consumption day of the year
  • 7 million cases of beer are sold every year for the big game
  • 2 million pounds of potato chips are eaten on SuperBowl™ Sunday
  • Pizza deliveries increase by almost 60% during the SuperBowl™
  • The average American will intake at least 2,400 calories during the four to five hour game

SuperBowl Foods

The average SuperBowl™ party consists of fan favorites like hot wings, burgers, potato chips, fries, pizza, and other fried or greasy foods. Though they may taste good, they are foods that are high in trans-fat and calories which can be bad for your health.

Several studies have shown that eating these types of foods can increase the risk of chronic disease. The evidence from these studies revealed a connection between type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cirrhosis, and obesity with a high intake of fried foods.

Food Alternatives

There are plenty of ways you can still enjoy your SuperBowl™ Sunday without the unhealthy foods. Here are a few alternative options:

  • If you need to fry food use a healthier oil like coconut oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil.
  • Skip fried foods altogether and try baking chicken wings or using an air fryer.
  • Trade the cheesy, salsa dip for something healthier like guacamole.
  • Add in healthier options like fruits or a veggie pizza (which tastes way better than it sounds).
  • If you must indulge in something fried, eat in moderation and try not to overdo it.

SuperBowl Drinking

Whether you are tailgating or having your Super Bowl fun at home, it is important to moderate your alcohol consumption, especially when drinking beer. Beer is considered one of the worst choices of alcohol. Besides the alcohol in the beer being harmful to your liver and the rest of your body, beer is packed with calories that cause you to gain weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital to your overall health.

Drink Alternatives

While no alcohol is the healthiest option, there are other drinking alternatives if you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage during game day. Drinks with less alcohol levels or less calories are already better options that the typical beer or hard liquor. Beverages like red wine or Vodka and Seltzer, are two “healthier” options. Avoiding sugary drinks and cocktails will help you avoid extra calories.

Check some of the best and worst drink options here.

SuperBowl™ Sunday is a day to enjoy a great game of football, good food, and lots of laughs with friends and family. But, regardless of the celebration, it is important to always keep your health at the forefront. Making good decisions about what you eat and drink on celebrations like the big game day moves you a step closer towards living a happy, healthy life.

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