Can Your Favorite Drink Be Harming You?

Margaritas are one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. In fact, according to the first Nielsen CGA On-Premise Consumer Survey, margaritas are the most popular cocktails in America. Though a favorite amongst Americans, it is also one of the worst alcoholic beverages for your health.

Why are they bad?

Margaritas contain alcohol which is one reason they can be bad for your health. Consuming too much alcohol can cause serious damage to your entire body. From your brain and liver to your skin, stomach, heart, and immune system, alcohol can interfere with the normal functioning of various organs. When alcohol consumption isn't moderated, it can lead to the development of serious diseases like cirrhosis. 

Besides being filled with alcohol, the amount of sugar in margaritas are another concern for your health. Too much added sugar (link to sugar blog) in your diet can lead to several health concerns including an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. 

The average margarita contains about 500 calories and if you get a fruit flavored one, like mango or strawberry, that number goes up even more and that's just for one drink! On top of consuming so many empty calories, your liver is so busy processing the alcohol you are consuming that it has to store the sugar as fat to process later on.

Alternative options

The best option to avoid the negative effects of margaritas is to simply remove them from your diet completely. Cutting out or cutting down alcohol can be highly beneficial to your overall physical and even mental health. 

In case you aren't ready to cut out margaritas permanently from your life, there are other alternatives that may be just as satisfying but with lower risks:

  • Choose another cocktail that you can enjoy with a lower calorie count like a vodka tonic or a Bloody Mary (just avoid pre-made packaged drink mixes that include more sugar and salt).
  • Trade your margarita for a different kind of drink like wine. Red wine has been shown to provide heart health benefits if consumed in moderation and white wine is good for when you want to watch your calorie intake. 
  • Enjoy a skinny margarita. Skinny margaritas are low-calorie versions of the classic margarita that swap out fruit juices and sugary syrups for healthier alternatives like agave and natural orange or lime juice.

Before you decide to indulge in your next margarita (or two) remember the impact that they can potentially have on your health and reach for a healthier option. Drinking in moderation is important for living a happy, healthy life and knowing how healthy you are before drinking alcohol can make a big difference for your next doctor visit.

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