Is your liver healthy?
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Designed for Health Conscious Individuals

Using only a few biometrics (e.g. gender, age, weight & height), LiverFASt™ Screen can provide you with a simple qualitative score of your liver health.  The results of this test can help you make decisions regarding your liver and general health​.

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LiverFASt™ Screen requires just a few pieces of information to provide you with a rapid risk assessment of your current liver health​


LiverFASt™ Screen uses the same machine-learning algorithm approach as LiverFASt™ but provides general risk output, and does not require blood testing​

Risk Level

LiverFASt™ Screen indicates whether an individual may be at an ‘elevated risk’ or ‘reduced risk’ of having various levels of liver disease​



LiverFASt™ Screen only requires a patient’s age, gender, height and weight; optionally, any additional number of the biomarkers used in the LiverFASt™ test can be included to increase accuracy​


Screening Tool

LiverFASt™ Screen is a screening tool to indicate an individual’s potential risk and need for additional liver health testing ​

Is Your Liver Healthy? Discover with LiverFASt™​

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