LiverFASt provides a comprehensive noninvasive Liver Health evaluation

Know Your Patient's Liver Health

LiverFASt™ is a blood based diagnostic test utilizing a patented algorithm to determine presence and the progression of liver disease. The test is non-invasive, simple, and less expensive than liver biopsy or liver imaging.

LiverFASt™ is capable of detecting and grading levels of Steatosis (fat accumulation), Activity (inflammation) & Scarring (Fibrosis) of the liver. ​

How It Works

The LiverFASt™ algorithm was developed via machine-learning. The development process leveraged the data of​ thousands of patients to combine the parameters of age, gender, BMI and 9 unique blood biomarkers.
The primary output are ‘scores’ that indicate a patient’s level of liver injury and stage of liver disease. ​

Non-invasive liver screen tests are utilized around the world and have proven to be an effective alternative testing method to biopsy and imaging, offering accuracy and minimizing the cost and associated risks

designed for you to understand your liver health risk


Early detection of Steatosis, NASH & Fibrosis​


Proactive Care​

Mitigation of late stage liver disease and associated complications​


Drive positive behavior and life style change among patients​


Monitor impact of treatment and intervention on liver health over time​

More to Offer

Broaden practice offering & ​create a more comprehensive screening program​

Cost Reduction

Accurate and repeatable alternative to costly biopsy and imaging​


Contact us if you're interested in LiverFASt, the breakthrough non-invasive liver screen.

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