Non-Invasive Diagnostics with Artificial intelligence

Webinar Date: May 2022

Speakers list:

  • Dr. Hsiao-Ming Jung
  • Owen Parr
  • Michael Betel

Webinar Summary:

After years of asking others to be assessed for fatty liver disease, he decided, since he has several risk factors, he should ‘walk the walk’ and get tested.
He want people to know that there should be no stigma attached to being evaluated for fatty liver disease. We should not be afraid to look into our health, or the health of our families.
He hope that if others at risk (who have elevated cholesterol, high BMI/obesity, type 2 diabetes, sleep-apnea etc.), get tested, they may be early enough to reverse their liver disease

  • PART 1
    • The pre-assessment is carried out and we find out what to expect.
  • PART 2A
    • What is the role of the Primary Care Physician?
  • PART 2B
    • Continues Michael Betel’s liver assessment journey and results using LIVERFASt, an AI-based test from Fibronostics.
  • PART 2C
    • This is the final part (Part 2C) of Michael Betel’s experience in assessing for fatty liver disease.


Dr. Hsiao-Ming Jung

Dr. Hsiao-Ming Jung

Primary Care Physician with a specialising in Gastroenterology, and Hepatology in Family Medicine
Owen Parr

Owen Parr

Fibronostics VP of Sales
Michael Betel

Michael Betel

President and Founder of the Fatty Liver Alliance