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This Top Disease Could Be the Real Reason for Your Bad Breath

Nobody wants bad breath! But, did you know, that bad breath can come from more than just cavities, gum disease, or a garlicy lunch?

Your health has a major impact on your oral hygiene.

There are multiple health problems that can lead to bad breath; including kidney failure, pneumonia, diabetes, and acid reflux.

Liver failure can cause a “musty” aroma that comes from dimethyl sulfide.1

In fact, research has suggested that a breath analysis can potentially be utilized as a diagnostic tool for detecting liver pathologies.2

And while consistent brushing and rinsing of the mouth may feel like a simple solution to this case of bad breath, there is actually more to it.

Check out these tips to help freshen your breath for a happier, healthier mouth:

  • Drink more water! This is a simple solution that will, not only, help you get back to better oral health, but help with your overall health as well.
    Staying hydrated prevents the bacteria that causes bad breath to form and helps to wash away contributing bad breath particles.3

  • Improve gum care! Studies have shown that gum disease was correlated with cirrhosis complications and overall liver health.
    Maintaining gum health is vital in helping bad breath.

  • Brush, brush, brush! Consistency is key for a clean mouth, so brushing and rinsing after every meal is a great way to work towards fresher breath.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle! Being healthier is probably the best solution to bad breath.
    Doing things like maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding toxins can all be beneficial to having a healthy body and having fresher breath.4

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The first step in ridding yourself of bad breath is to ensure you are healthy.

Stay in-the-know with what’s going on with your liver with a simple, non-invasive liver health evaluation.

Knowing your liver is healthy can save your life and a diagnostic test can provide you with a ‘score’ that indicates your level of liver injury and stage of liver disease.

At Fibronostics our passion for non-invasive digital diagnostics drives us towards creating solutions that allow you to monitor risk and detect disease, with the goal of eventually forgoing the traditional biopsies and scans currently common practice.

That’s why we developed the LiverFASt™ family of tests for monitoring risk and detecting disease in your liver – the largest organ in your body connected to many common health risks. Allow us to help you understand the health of your liver so that you can stay ahead of the silent killer of Liver Disease and live a happy, healthy life!

Contact us via email, or by phone at 1-888-552-1603 today to learn more about our LiverFASt™ family of diagnostic tests.


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