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5 Common Health Issues We Miss

Whether you work, go to school, run a business, or raise a family, it can be easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine. So much so that you may not be paying attention to your health.

What may seem like a small headache or slight moment of dizziness can be signs that there may be something wrong.

Here are a few of the most common health issues we tend to ignore:


1) Slurred speech. You may think you are just tired when your words are coming out slow or slurred but this can actually be a sign of a brain stroke or a tumor.

It can happen when your brain isn’t sending proper signals and causes the mouth muscles to weaken.1

2) Loss of interest in activities. While this may sound silly, having a lack of interest in your usual daily activities can mean more than just boredom.

Avoiding contact with others and isolating yourself can be a sign of depression or other psychiatric issues.2

3) Sweaty palms. Shaky hands and sweaty palms can mean more than just being nervous or anxious.

Research has shown that these can also be symptoms of a disorder of the thyroid glands. 3

4) Sudden weight loss. Before celebrating a skinnier waste line, it is important to remember that the sudden weight loss, especially without dieting or exercise, can be related to a rapid depletion of cells in your body.

This can be more serious than you may think and can even be linked to cancer.4

5) Skin discoloration. Elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood can cause Jaundice which can cause the skin and the sclera (white of the eyes) to turn yellowish.

This is usually a sign of some type of liver disease.5


The best way to stay healthy is to know your body and take preventative measures to ensure your health is always a priority. Knowing about your health is extremely important and can even save your life and your liver health is no different.

At Fibronostics our passion for non-invasive digital diagnostics drives us towards creating solutions that allow you to monitor risk and detect disease, with the goal of eventually forgoing the traditional biopsies and scans currently common practice.

That’s why we developed the LiverFASt™ family of tests for monitoring risk and detecting disease in your liver – the largest organ in your body connected to many common health risks. Allow us to help you understand the health of your liver so that you can stay ahead of the silent killer of Liver Disease and live a happy, healthy life!

Contact us via email, or by phone at 1-888-552-1603 today to learn more about our LiverFASt™ family of diagnostic tests.


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