liverfast logo can help monitor necro-inflammatory activity and fibrosis severity inChronic Hepatitis B and C patients

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Why is it important to monitor the severity of liver lesions
in Chronic Hepatitis B and C patients?

  • Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB) and C (CHC) are viral infections causing elementary liver lesions such as necro-inflammatory activity and fibrosis.
  • These lesions are major causes of chronic liver disease that may develop into cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma.
  • The stratification of liver lesions severity helps to avoid morbimortality due to the complication of Hepatitis during and after treatment.
  • The staging of liver lesions also helps to monitor the effectiveness of the antiviral medication.

Why is LIVERFASt™ the right choice
for monitoring CHB patients?

  • Provides long term prognosis value by stratifying fibrosis.1,2
  • Offers higher negative predictive value than APRI*, FIB-4* and ARFI* in fibrosis and activity scores.
  • Outperforms ARFI* and FIB-4* to discriminate between chronic hepatitis and HBV infection in both HBeAg+* and HBeAg-* patients.
  • Identifies patients at risk of developing more severe disease.1,2

Why is LIVERFASt™ the right choice
for monitoring CHC patients?

  • Estimates necro-inflammatory activity more accurately than ALT*. 1,3
  • Identifies cirrhosis and the risk of developing HCC. 1,3
  • Identifies the fibrosis progression among SVR* patients.
  • Provides the best applicability compared to elastographic methods (98% vs 80%). 1

How does LIVERFASt™ work?

LIVERFASt™ monitors antiviral treatment effectiveness and post recovery regression in 3 simple steps.

To integrate LIVERFASt™ into your clinic

*APRI = Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse; *FIB-4 = Fibrosis-4 (Age, ALT, AST and Platelet); *ARFI = Aspartate Aminotransferase to Platelet Ration Index; ALT* = Alanine Aminotransferase Test;
*SVR = Sustain Viral Response, *HBeAg+ = Hepatitis B e Antigen Positive, *HBeAg- = Hepatitis B e Antigen Negative.


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